Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Question: How can I reach OUT!

Answer: Our bookings office in Veghel is open from Monday to Thursday from 09.00-17.00 hours, on Friday from 09.00-16.00 hours and is reachable by phone on+31(0)413-385885). Usually our staff who select the holiday homes are in the office and you can chat with them live through the website. You can find contact and background information regarding OUT! employees on our home page behind the menu-option About Us. Our around the clock emergency numbers for occupying guests and guests on their way to the holiday homes can be found under the Emergency menu option.


Question: OUT! presents available homes as homes'to reserve' and homes 'on request'. What does that mean?

Answer: On its website OUT! Holiday homes presents its holiday homes as 'to reserve' and 'on request'. In the step by step reservations procedure we let you know beforehand or with your reservation confirmation if your reservation is definate or whether it is is a request or last minute. Your 'request' is considered by the holiday home owners who's reservations are not bookable 'realtime' via the internet. There can always be a reservation in the pipeline. In the case of last minute bookings we check and take care of personally the availability information ie the preparedness of the owner/keyholder before our guests arrive at short notice.

Question: I have just booked a house with OUT! but on the website it says the house is 'free'. How can that be?

Answer: The OUT! website operates in 'realtime'/'live'. If you press F5 your screen will update and the house will display as 'occupied'. Unless there is more one unit of the particular holiday home.

Question: If I request availability for example two weeks from 1-14 July and from 7-21 July is the first free period and the second is taken. How can that be?

Answer OUT! shows the availability of the requested periods. The period from the 1-14 July is available to book when both weeks are 'free'. If the week 14-21 July is 'occupied', then you cannot book the two weeks 7-21 of July even if the first week is free.

Question: Sometimes I see the same house photo with another description. How can that happen?

Answer: That can happen when:
1.the same type of holiday home in a bungalow park; the case of individual units in a holiday home.
3. in particular large houses where only a part of the house is rented out. The part that is not rented out will remain locked and empty during your stay. Because during your stay its not possible for anyone else to book part of the house, it will be 'occupied' on the website
4.certain large houses have a number of individual units. The entire house (all the units) is not available if one of the units is booked. You can only book the remaining free units.

Question: OUT! is often very good value. Does OUT! show the rental price per person?

Answer: No, The price shown is for the holiday home for the requested period. For some of the homes is the price dependant on the number of people.For large houses lower prices can be quoted of you have a smaller number of people than the house can taken.

Question: Why is damage insurance so important?

Answer: Because third party damage insurance on your home insurance doesn't cover holiday homes. See the menu-option #insurance#. Consider a situation where there is unintentional damage and you feel not responsible.Compare with the rules of a hire car: You are covered against damages (perhaps by a third party) that happen during the time you have it renteed (read 'house and inventory').
OUT! prices include damage insurance. Because of this no uninsured holiday maker will occupy the holiday homes, as per our agreement with home owner.


Question: I'd like to depart today. Is that possible with OUT!?

Answer:You can book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the website. If you wish to leave the same day, you can contact us by calling our office during opening hours. If we can reach the owner and you can pay , you can be off the same day: for last minute bookings you can pay by credit card as in this situation you cannot pay by girocard or online banking.

Question: I have everything paid but havent received travel directions. Why is that?

Answer: Firstly check your mail box: those who book via internet will receive a voucher with travel directions by email. If you have overlooked it by accident, you can see the voucher information under the website option t: My Out!. If everything here is working, then you have all the details of your trip and the original voucher is not necessarynodig.

Vraag: I have received a voucher but what is the situation with regards to the key collection/transfer?

Answer: At the top of the voucher is the address of the holiday home or the caretaker. The route will bring you there except where there is an address to collect the key at an appointed time. Call the above numbers/caretaker if the appointed time is not suitable or inform OUT! and they will do it for you.

Question: Why must I pay a deposit if there is damage insurance?

Answer: The deposit is required by some holiday home owners where costs such as energy are incurred during the stay.

Question: OUT! mentions the possibility of tourist tax. why is OUT! not more definate about this?

Answer Its never certain how much the local government demand in tourist tax as the amount changes frequently. Therefore we just notify if it needs to be paid. The average tariff is on average 1 euro per person from 16 years and older per night.