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*for information about our insuraces and co-operation with the SOS International/TravelCAre alarm centre:
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OUT! is a member of the ANVR, the branch organisation that together with the government and the consumer organisation supervise the quality of the product, services and information. This means that OUT! enforces the ANVR conditions and requests of the Travel Commission. You can find information including the addresses and procedures with regard to ANVR membership in the information below.

ANVR-Internet code of practice

Our ANVR membership ensures that this website is periodically tested to ensure it adheres to the ANVR-Internet code of practice. This code of practice is your guatantee that OUT! Holiday Homes keeps you fully and correctly informed and the steps needed to make a booking are clear. In order to retain ANVR-membership, OUT! adheres to the code, fulfulls her responsibilities with regards to products and services and ensures relevant parties are insured. In case of disagreements there is the Geschillencommissie Reizen. The ANVR guarantees holidaymakers indemnification via the Travel Commission in case a travel organisation doesn't respect the ruling of the commission.


Whenever you book with OUT!, your needs are met. The SGR (Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden) is the organisation that ensures this for Dutch residents. That is your guarantee in the unlikely event that OUT! is unable to fulfill herobligations. Further on you can find the guarantee regulations and a link to the regulations themselves. OUT! always advises that you book with SGR-travel organisation, it doesnt cost anything extra.

Emergency Funds

If your holiday address is outside of the Netherlands, you are as a Dutch resident covered by the Emergency Funds. The Emergency funds can be very important for example if some event is not covered by regular insurance. Your obligatory contribution is Euro 2.50 (when booking holiday homes abroad over Euro 150 (rental). Below you can read the defination of the these guarantees and you can find the link to the offical regulations.

Data Protection Act(protection of personal information/privacy)

OUT! conforms to the Data Protection Act with regards to all personal information. OUT! is registered under the number P-0020543. Under the menu-option My Out! you can inspect your personal information and decide whether to receive promotional information from us or our partners.When sending sensitive personal information to OUT! you will be using the Geotrust® QuickSSL-secure connection. Creditcard information is destroyed after every use.



Our company is part of the General Dutch Group of Travel Organisations and the Union of ANVR-Travel Organisations. The Union demands strict standards for membership and promotes quality of the holidays and information about them. The travel in the travel guides applys to all offers in these guides unless expressly stated that this is not the case. These Travel conditions are printed in the ANVR 2005 brochure, (see the cover). The bookings office can provide you with a sample of this brochure. The brochure also contains the ANVR Booking conditions, the conditions of the SGR, the conditions of the Emergency fund and other important information.

Download the ANVR-Conditions as PDF for Acrobat Reader

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De SGR-Guarantee fund

Our company is listed with the SGR. All publicised holidays on this website fall within the boundaries of the SGR-guarantee. The SGR-guarantee states that the consumer of these holidays is insured to get the prepaid sums back when the travel agent is not financially capable of delivering the holiday. In case there's also transport involved in the agreement and the destination is reached, then they will take care of the going home trip.

Download the The SGR-Guarantee fund of as a zipfile (Word document).

The Emergency fund

OUT! is a member of the Stichting Calamiteitenfonds Reizen. All publicised holidays on this site fall within the boundaries of the guarantee of the Calamiteitenfonds. This guarantee entails for you as consumer of an organised travel by us, that you:
- get (a part of) your sum back in case of a calamity and we can't deliver your holiday (or part thereof);
- get the necessary extra costs in case we have to change the holiday or in case we have to repatriate because of a calamity;
A calamity is an abnormal happening by molest or an act of nature.

For more information you can go to Calamity Fund.


For the accountability, please go to the page: Accountability.

More ANVR-information

To receive an ANVR-brochure please mail OUT!: Mail OUt!.