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Subscribe your holiday home

How to market your holiday home and what does it cost?

OUT! Holiday Homes offers third parties several possibilities to reach their target audience with help of OutVakantiehuizen.nl. Please see for a summary the rate sheet.

Option 1: Go for a sponsored search result

In case you subscribe for a Bronze, Silver or Gold mediation on commission basis, your property will be published as a online bookable search result.

Option 2: Advertise on OutVakantiehuizen.nl

It is possible to advertise with a Text-/Photolink on OutVakantiehuizen.nl/

The ads are published in the category 'Uitgelicht/In the spotlight'.

Please respect copyrights of the pictures used. Copyright claims will be forwarded to the advertiser or overcharged. Ads, text, pictures, links etc., with an undermining, offensive etc. character in the opinion of OUT! Holiday Homes, are not allowed.

Below mentioned costs are applicable:

Homepage ad (www.outvakantiehuizen.nl):
EUR 59,00/3 months or EUR 199,00/year

Country page ad (Great Brittain, Ireland etc..):
EUR 29,00/3 months or EUR 79,00/year

Regio page ad (Devon, Kerry etc.):
EUR 19,00/3 months or EUR 59,00/year

Theme page ad (fishing, wintersport etc.):
EUR 39,00/3 months or EUR 99,00/year.

How to start
Please send us an email (info@outvakantiehuizen.nl) with three lines of text (90 characters including free space), a picture and a destination url. Please tell us on which page you would like to be published and for how long. We will send you the invoice and as soon as we have received your payment, the ad will be put online.

Option 3: Other possibities

On demand OUT! Holiday Homes offers promotions and commercial editorials on OutVakantiehuizen.nl, the Blogs, the Facebookpages, Twitter and by means of DM and the OUT!-Newsletter.

Interesting? Please call us (+31 413 385 880) or send us a mail (info@outvakantiehuizen.nl). By the way, our promotional services are also offered in cooperation with affiliate partners as Trade Doubler etc.

You cannot decide?
We would be happy to advise you personally!